Radio Deprogramming

Session 4: February 28, 5:00-6:30 p.m. EST

Zoom link in email to registered participants.


For our final session, we are producing audio versions of each other’s deprogramming prompts. Registered participants have been sent a link to a spreadsheet where we are keeping track of the prompts themselves and of who plans to produce audio for which prompts (add your name to the Audio 1/2/3 column). There is also a section of the spreadsheet where we’re adding links to interesting audio editors/tools/effects/etc.

We’re looking/listening to Radio Naked for inspiration as we make these recordings, so a typical production would be less than a minute long and might involve recording the text of the prompt, then altering the audio in some way that creatively aligns with it. But as always, departures from the form are also welcome: we’ve talked about how an audio version might actualize the prompt rather than present its text as speech, and about ideas to carry out some prompts as longer-form experiments. Our goal is to each produce at least one audio prompt, for participants who are newer to sound editing; or three audio prompts for participants with more familiarity.