Radio Deprogramming

Contributing to this site

This website is a collaborative resource and documentation effort for Wave Farm’s Radio Deprogramming workshop. Participants are encouraged to help build it by adding works to the listening and reading lists. We will also publish our deprogramming prompts here. Generally speaking, there are two ways to contribute these items: a simple way, and a more hands-on way intended for participants who want to (gently) stretch their web development muscles.

The simple way

Email me (Andy) at If you want to add a work to the listening or reading list, please note the creator’s name, the year it was published, and a URL and/or attachment containing the work. If you are adding a deprogramming prompt, please indicate how you would like your name to appear (or if you would like it to be anonymous).

The hands-on way

This site is (for the time being) hosted on GitHub Pages. A software tool called Jekyll takes the material we add to our GitHub repository and turns it into a website. GitHub provides a way for you to add content to the site directly.

  1. Sign up for a free GitHub account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Go to and click on the directory to which you’ll add (e.g. _deprogramming, _listening, or _reading).
  3. Click “Add file” -> “Create new file”
  4. A text editor will appear, with a text field for the filename selected. Give your file a short but descriptive name ending in .md (the markdown format file extension)
  5. Under “Edit new file,” enter your metadata and content for the item. Refer to the markdown syntax guide and to examples from our GitHub repository. Below, for example, is the markdown file that represents Radio Naked in the listening syllabus.
  6. Scroll down to the “Propose new file” form and click the green button.
  7. Click “Create pull request” on the page that appears, then again after briefly describing what you’re adding in the title field. I will get an email notification that your material is ready to be merged into the site.


tags: radio-art event-score deprogramming
title: 'Radio Naked'
creator: 'Christof Migone'
year: '1992'

[Radio Naked]( is a "manifesto that naively impels the radio programmer to dispense (or at least question) all of the conventions and expectations of what radio should sound like." Radio artist Christof Migone composed the twenty-two prompts that make up the work in the early 1990s, and audio versions were later produced for each prompt. Radio Naked lends a key precedent to this workshop, providing form and inspiration for the deprogramming prompts we will develop together.