Radio Deprogramming

Session 3: February 21, 5:00-6:30 p.m. EST


Most of the session was spent working our way through a list of 46 deprogramming prompts that we had so far generated. We heard each participant read the prompts they had drafted, after which the group offered reactions and questions.

With our remaining time, we discussed production tools and conceptual strategies as we prepared to create audio interpretations of each other’s prompts.


In advance of our third session, please draft three short deprogramming prompts (you are welcome to draft more if inspiration strikes). Please send these by email before noon on Monday, Feb. 21 so that we can all view each other’s work in the session.

Your prompts can address radio or any medium / combination of media you choose. Do not worry if you feel you don’t “get” the format yet: now is the time to experiment and cast a wide net as to how we want to shape this project.

If you are feeling confused, would like some help in drafting your prompts, or otherwise just want to chat, I’ve set up a Calendly page to schedule one on one meetings. We’ll use the same Zoom link for these as for the workshop sessions. If you would be interested in meeting as a small group with other participants, please email me and let me know your timezone + general availability and I will try to put folks in touch.